Back Behind the Tooth of Time

(Sunday, June 7, 1998)

by F. Darnall Daley, Jr.

Hawk Mountain Council


Back Behind the Tooth of Time

A gentle peace was this day mine.

Early saw we elk and calf

Flushed from out their morning bath.

Black bear ambled to the wood.

Beaver swam the best he could.

Horses with the Philmont brand,

Called out to us as we passed.

Quail quaked in the grass alone.

Buffalo refused to roam.

Squirrel scampered down the path.

Mountain Blue birds flew all day.

Bull snake catching sunny rays

Indignantly slithered away.

Just another Philmont day!


Chanced upon a magpie meeting.

Spoke they all in solemn greeting.

Antelope to his abode

Raced passed us down the road.

Thistle, deadly prickly poppy

Flowered gaily on the verge.

Aspen sparkling in the breeze.

Cottonwood trees snowing seeds.

Indian Paintbrush painted

Grasslands carpeted for cattle.

Mule deer listening in the dew

Like campfires remembered, too,

Sunset blazed in fire-like hue

From mountain tops far away.

Just another Philmont day!